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Mix up the vast landscapes of the Gobi, the snowcapped mountains of Bayan-Ölgi and the dramatic gorges and sparkling lakes of Khövsgöl. Sprinkle in the felt homes of the nomad and the cry of an eagle. Add...

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Kailash Kailash 10 Days / 9 Nights

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Motorcycling Paradise Motorcycling Paradise

Pastoral nomadism has a long history in Central Asia. Most of Mongolia is composed of vast grass steppes, rugged mountains and desert. For 3000 years, the people of the steppes have adopted a pastoral way of life moving in the search of best pastureland. Today, about half of the 2.5 million .... View Detail »
Horseback Riding Horseback Riding
Natural Beauty, Educational Program, Culture & Heritage, Adventure

According to the Mongol proverb “a Mongol man without a horse is like a bird without wings”. Mongolian nomadic culture is intensely linked to horses. The horse and a nomadic lifestyle of living enabled the Mongols led by Chinggis Khaan and his descendant to amass the largest empire.... View Detail »
Classical Tour with Ger Classical Tour with Ger
Sight seeing, Natural Beauty, Educational Program, Culture & Heritage, Adventure

Khuvsgul Lake is the princess of Northern Mongolia known as "Blue Pearl of Asia" among Mongolians. This lake is sacred to all Mongols and water is incredibly crystal clean and located in the northernmost province with 36km wide, 262m deep and 136km long. The highlight of the area is .... View Detail »